Jul 312012

David Stone Mick JaggerDue to threats from terrorism, crime and war, personal security is now needed more than ever. That is not to say that government authorities are not effective, but may lack the dedication of Bodyguard Services in New York. Celebrities and VIP’s can read further and discover the benefits of hiring these talented professionals.


When an individual hires a bodyguard, they are not just paying for medicore protection. The professionals will give the clients their full attention and this is required in high risk situations. Unlike conventional government security forces, these people are paid much better. As a result, they are compeled to show more of an interest. In addition to being dedicated, they have other exceptional character traits as well. They include, quick reflexes, discipline, integrity and courage. Without these qualities, they would face certain death or failure in the line of duty.


Due to the long periods of time that the bodyguards spend with their clients, a relationship is developed. This is typical in life threatening situations where a victim gets traumatized. The professional is always present to offer emotional comfort and physical aid. Many friendships and marriages have taken place this way.

Firearm Training

Qualified Bodyguard Services in New York will only employ applicants with gun permits. In addition to this, they will have extensive training, which is very important in the field. Although the risk for an attack that merits deploying a weapon is low, the proffesionals are still prepared to apply their skills. Their trainig will include safety, proper stance, trigger control and how to hold the firearm properly. This is merely the basics. More advance training will involve, changing rounds, shooting at moving targets and holster work. Some professionals even learn how to fire automatic weapons.


Another important benefit of Bodyguard Services in New York is discretion. They are trained to blend in with their environments, so that they do not attract any unwanted attention. They frequently travel in suits and are well groomed. The experts also carry an array of equipment, which serves different purposes. The weapons are not only limited to firearms, but also tatical knives and non-lethal devices. These are worn underneath the garments to avoid detection.

These proffesionals are employed to provide a safe and secure environment for clients. They are qualified and trained to conduct their operations with as much discretion as possible. Bodyguard Services in New York have a dedicated team of employees and can be contacted at davidstonesecurity.com.